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If you've seen the The Avengers through out the end credits you will see the a bonus clip as a teaser for the next part. Its obviously its Thanos showing in the scene and if you're a Marvel fans you will say "Ohh shit its Thanos!" then if its Thanos one thing that will run into your mind the Infinity Gauntlet.

  Speculation come across to some viewers specially those who grew up in Marvel Comics. There's a chance the latest part of Spiderman will be connected with the new part of Avengers. Spiderman helped to fight Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet in the comics along with the Avengers.

The Gauntlet will be the next specimen to be hunted

In IMDB, it says he's with Red Skull though it's not visible in the scene or they might be pointing the wrong person. But if Red Skull was there then Spiderman and Captain America will team up against him, one thing that's doubtful is how Red Skull reached the outer space and meet up Thanos?
SPOILER: There is a scene part way through credits: Marvel Character Thanos appears with The Red Skull by his side. They are both looking down on Planet Earth with Thanos smiling, stating that they underestimated Earth.

They forgot to put me in the scene... but how the hell I'll survive in Space?

A Naked Thanos will look like in CGI.. too much steroid will make your P*nis small

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