Jeepney is the most common transpo in the Philippines, its like there's 1 jeepney for every 20 filipino (1:20).
In a busy street in Metro, you can see them everywhere, hate them or love them but one thing that makes Jeepney fan to ride is their unique Sign Boards that you can find inside the Jeep. It's usually posted on the back of the Driver seat where all passenger will sea it. If you feel bore and nothing to see during your ride, you can check some of their sign boards to make you  laugh a bit.

"pull it and I'll stop.. "
If you don't like to shout 'MA PARA!' 
some jeep are innovated with pull-strings to inform the Driver to STOP

"Miss take me yours But don't take my money"

Virginity can be lost in Jeepney so becareful if you something to take care

You have learned to bitchy so take the consequence of the pain

Jeepney has designated place for Pretty, Cute, and Sexy  but for Ugly you can just hang on the bar

Sexy is for FREE but for Gays will get rampage

For Sexy the best place is in the Near seat of the Driver to get a FREE ride

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