I don't care who's gonna win and I don't want to put my beat to anyone because its like picking the less evil. I wan't them to fight in  a last man stands Mortal Kombal Blood Feast. Fatality and Brutality will be a great finisher.

But for sure this will beat Manny Pacquiao Vs Floyd Mayweather unmaterialized bout, hope the Nivada and Bob Arum will give a chance to  promote this fight.

If you haven't seen the video,... this is where the action begun:

Tulfo's will surely give a big fight back on this... its Vendetta!!

Awaited event will happen... morethan Pacquiao vs Mayweather impossible bout

Mirriam will surely kick their ass alone

Hitler Reaction to Tulfo Vs Santiago Bout

FACT! The New Meaning of Claudine

... My Conclusion...

  Its hard to pick between a reporter and a movie actor... its like choosing between a pretender and a lier.

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