Geek preparing for his ordeal and ceremonial as preparation for Diablo 3  

Boys will found their new Love.. sorry girls

The most famous girl in the Gaming world.. (who's she again?)

Prepare your survival kits and make sure you have enough supply
 to lock up your door for months

Girls... if you love your Boyfriend.. lock them and don't let them see this

Diablo 3 Dispenser, to replenish the dying players 

Prepare and train your fingers for stamina... 

Rejected Diablo 3 logo

Meet the Diablo Family, The Simpsons waiting for the launching.

this guy can't wait enough.. and turned him self to be one of the creature

you will lost your family, friends, and yourself ..
he will take over your life.. 

is Diablo 3 here yet?

Yao jokes... waiting for Diablo 3

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  1. Some of them are sad but true...


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