Who want's to confront the big boy? no one, there's nothing you can do but to stay diplomat and let them bullying you until they give up and go away. 

even you use your Grade-school ruler you can tell 
who has the right for the island... "common sense" indeed

While China's Huge vessel sailing around the dispute island..
the Philippines put their small flag in the small parts near the boundary..
the flag might also claim by China

In the other end, the Chinese Military are guarding what they claimed they own

China created their own imaginary boundaries with their 
new self-invented Great Wall of China...

Wait when your kids talking Chinese and singing oriental... 
with their Imaginary Map .. they will own the whole world

even all ASEAN unite... no one can match the Big Red Shark in Asia

its hopeless... even your rally at the front of their Embassy, they won't care...
because they owned those banners and slogans.. its all Made in China

Other China Claims

they claim Jessica Sanchez 

.. even Konoha the peaceful villa of  Naruto 

other than Scarborough and Sparty... there's Diayutai..

2 Responses to China and Philippines Dispute on Scarborough Shoal

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. China has territorial legacy going back to 17th century over this island when Filipinos were the native Indians of Asia.

  3. Nikuman Says:
  4. Well then, in the 17th Century, Philippines is under the control of Spain and Bajo de Masinloc or Scarborough Shoal is part of the La Islas Filipinas, Check your maps.


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