Making a blog is not easy, you have to think of an article put-up the content to attract your readers. Yet there are some who making advantage or abusing of the benefits that the  internet can give. Copying someone article is disrespectful  to the author specially if you didn't ask for permission to his work or copyrights.

Feel so bad, I found some sites and facebook posts who copied my works and changed the watermark logo of my images. I feel ashamed of this people, it's not easy to think of something from the scratch and put your effort for it then suddenly someone will just copy it and put their credits on it.

I don't have enough power to ask them to remove whatever they have copied but I believe in the LAW OF KARMA. Stealing won't give you any honor specially in your deepest part of your heart, all you claims will just put your self into shame.

If you don't know what's the meaning of COPYRIGHTS, please check wiki.


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