The Team USA sent their ultimate team to compete on London Olympics. This will be a sure golds for them not even 1Million China's athletes will much them. Russia will reincarnate Red Skull or maybe Omega Red to get reinforcement. It will be world awaited game for sure.

Welcome to The Avengers in London Olympics

Who will compete the Game?

Agent Goulson in Pistol Shooting, he's a good sacrifice to boost the morale of the team

Black widow in Gymnastic, the event that all guys will attend

Captain America in Discus Throw, but his armor always return.. can he win?

Hawkeye in Archery, he's already competing here so this is not new at all

Hulk in Greco-Roman Wrestling, no one dares to compete with the Hulk unless he want to die with broken limbs

Thor will compete in Hammer Throwing.. its sounds unfair because his hammer can fly as long as he want

and the ... Ironman will not compete but will sponsor... 
who needs Gold Medals if you have a lot of them

... Loki doesn't want to left alone.. will be competing to in Pole Vaulting.. why?...
I don't know .. maybe he find it sexy.

some other suggestion....

[The Images courtesy to the Owner and Artist of the drawing]

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