And now for 2nd Round... in the left corner in red-yellow attire, Jollibee - 'The BEE'
and in the other right corner in yellow-red attire, Ronald McDonald - 'The Clown'.....

so lets get start RUMBBBBLEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Jollibee for the high kick... Mcdo can't barely take that 

 And another punch form The Bee... ooohhh bloods are starting to come out
from the Clown face... its funny though

The Bee is grappling him.. I think the clown will surrender now... 

and the Winner for the 2nd Round match up....

still the  undisputed champion... "The Bee"

see you next time for the next fight.... will Mcdo revenge for the lost..
or The Bee will eat him up alive...

to be continued....

1 Response to Jollibee Vs Ronald McDonald - Round 2

  1. Havocalypse Says:
  2. The picture of Jollibee punching McDonald is not by the person who placed their sign on it. "Renz" is not the creator.

    My colleague from UST Fine Arts drew that. I saw him draw it and color it by hand before even posting it online only to get stolen by wannabes and art thiefs!


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