It's about time that Walt Disney think of a movie that will brings all the classic video games in one epic 3D Film. Unlike your old school movies like SuperMario Bros and The Street Fighter that doesn't have the Kiddy impact quality. This time around Walt Disney will not fail their fans specially the Kids. As a Guy grew up with Classic games such as Sonics, Supermario, Street fighter, Pacman, Mortal Kombat and many more, this film is a must watch. I still remember all those games in 16bit graphics.

I thing I notice, why I feel the story is close to Shrek Plot? In Shrek the famous Antagonists in some Fairtale story gathered to proclaim their honor. Same with Shrek, he supposed to be a Monster that frighten everyone but in Story he's not really that Bad.

I never played and heard of the game Fix-it Felix not until now because of this movie. The game was released from 1982 and just like an old school games from 80's, the format is like a Donkey Kong game wherein you have to climb all the way up to fight the big Monster.

LOOK!... it's Blue Super-Mario and a Human Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong and Mario with Felix and Ralph

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hey' you are also here?
 are you gonna do that Helicopter Kick? just asking

why did you put a vault in your stage knowing that you will fall when Mario's step on it?

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