iPhone 5 is now trending and all Apple fan boys are really excite about this. Being not a fan of Apple and never will be, I don't mind what's feature they want to feed to people this time. I believe Apple is dead along with Steve Jobs, so don't expect any intelligent innovation with this new iPhone besides iPhone-4 is a bluff.

Tim Cook the new CEO after Steve Jobs doesn't made a good job like Steve does. This new iPhone5 is a joke, 4.87'' why do you need that screen's too tall knowing you can also scroll or slide your phone despite the height of your screen. Tim Cook has been reported recently that his Gay or maybe he already exposed in public, no wonder he like this new Tall Screens, I guess he also enhanced the Vibrations ring  for sure.

You New iPhone 5 can be used now as your Weapon...
be like a Jedi LightSaberor Bruce Lee nunchakus

iPhone 101, as high as a tower, imagine if some one's call and it vibrates..

According to WIKI the BEST-SELLING smart phone as of 2011


  1. Nokia: 423 million sold[32][33]
  2. Samsung: 314 million sold[33]
  3. Apple: 89 million sold[33]
  4. LG: 85 million sold
  5. ZTE: 58 million sold[34][35]
  6. RIM: 51 million sold
  7. HTC: 43 million sold
  8. Motorola: 41 million sold
  9. Huawei: 41 million sold
  10. Sony Ericsson: 34 million sold
  11. Others: 600 million sold

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2 Responses to Apple iPhone 5 Over Hype press release

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. that's why I choose Android instead of IOS

  3. Shahulvm Says:
  4. I laughed so much looking at iphone 7, 20, 30S and 101....heheheh


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