Zema Ion is another Filipino pride how made to climb to his success as a Wrestler Entertainer. From underground wrestling we able to reach to mainstream wrestling like TNA, he's really equipped with dedication and motivation to reach his goal. No wonder why, he's a pure talented wrestler with a good looking charisma that will viewers will enjoy to watch. He's currently a jack ass that will be loved to be booed and hated by crowd, but that's he's being a good actor, he can do whatever role he need to portray.

A dream tag team in wishlist... Dave Batista with Zema Ion

Zema is not the only famous wrestler we have right now, there's also Dave Batista who's currently in WWE and also in the movie business. Batista is known world wide during his prime but due to his injuries, he stop for a while and made less exposure. Hope someday the two will meet and go for a Tag Team. It will be a dream come true for a Wrestler fans who is proud as a Filipino to see the Two Famous wrestler to team up.

He also has been featured in National Geographic as a young upstart that trying to get a career in big industry of Wrestling. Here's the video:

"Slammed: Inside Indie Wrestling" is a professional wrestling documentary done by National Geographic that shows you a little about the unique lives of Indie professional wrestling performers, wrestling promoters, and the promotions out there that make up the Indie Pro Wrestling circuit. Featured are promotions ROH, National Wrestling Superstars, ROH executive Jim Cornette as its shown how they scout their talent in Ring Of Honor Wrestling, veteran of the business Danny Inferno as he tries to improve himself and hopefully get one more shot at the big time in WWE, young upstart Shimma Xion as he tries out for Ring Of Honor Wrestling, and many other names and faces.

Rock-a-bye Baby

The Wolverine Hair Destroyer

Say my Hair is Awesome... say it loud!!

Falling Ass from the Sky

Hostile Makeover... surely will give you a Broken Neck

TOP 43 Moves Of Zema Ion  (Shima Xion) ..so far

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