I'm surprised Sueprman is not gay and finally decided to get into relationship with his Office mate rather crime buster mate? So that's the reason someone is always hiding under the Invisible Jet since during their Super Friends time. 

It would be great before DC announced the relationship of Superman and Wonder Woman they come up  first with something like Love Triangle.. it could be Batman , Flash or Aquaman. Of course it will be Batman who's gonna end up a loser since he's a playboy millionaire and doesn't want any commitment, anyway I'm still in the believing he has a hidden relationship with Robin.

Team Edward and Jacob are no more... 
Team Batman and Team Superman is the new Twilight

I also thinking how they gonna make their baby..? and what they gonna call the baby..
is it a SuperBoy or WonderBoy?

It's hard if you're married with a super power too...
you make a reason that you only an ordinary man

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