I'm an avid basketball fan both of NBA and PBA, I had never witnessed this kind of unsportmanship or inhuman behavior of an athlete. Shoving out your own teammates is just too stupid and crazy, yes it's crazy.. what was he thinking in the first place? First of all he's not in his territory, didn't he think that all the guys there can rampage him all the way they want?.. second why his own teammate? 

Anyway, this news is just way OLD. I'm trying not to comment about it because it's just too stupid and making me mad more in PBA. Too much ugly things nowadays in PH including that BullShit Sabah issue that's being used by opportunist politician.

To give a bit light about this disgraceful news... I put some jokes..  

Renaldo Balkman trying to wipe out everyone in his Way... including his teammates

Who said Arwind can't kick someone ass?

It's just a LQ if you put it in different way

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