A non-sinful people telling that these Billboards are immoral... well that's funny. Only a person with a Dirty mind will say that these Ads are obscene, perhaps if you ask a person with a clean mind like a kid will say nothing's wrong with this. 

 The motels in Philippines has different image, some people branded it as a place to have good time like sex or to do something's secret but for other people that's far away from home and wants to relax and can't afford to go to expensive Hotel then this small motels is the best option.   

so stressed? probably go home.. play XboX.. watch a movie in your sala

so after movie.. where Next? maybe watch another movie? go to computer shop and play Dota

1 Response to Victoria Court Ads are Immoral?

  1. pinoy jokes Says:
  2. Some people go to motel to really just sleep


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