These words that only Pinoy will understand, if you're not Pinoy it will surely confuse you.

1) Pabili ngang Colgate, yung Close Up?

            Colgate is a famous brand in Philippines since the time it was introduced, so many elders specially those are in Villages they called tooth paste as Colgate because they have got used to it.

2) Sarado mo yung Pinoy! Lalabas yung Aircon..

             Literally it doesn't mean the Aircon will walk outside the room. It means the cool breeze will go out.

3) Yaya salubungin mo yung Bus ni Junior

          If you have an idiot Maid, she will die for sure. It means get out then catch the Bus that's coming. Salubungin is same like 'to catch up' so its the same in English if you take it literally. 

4)   Anak tumabi ka sa daan ah?

        It's a shortcut means get yourself away in the drive way. If you say this sentence in different tone the meaning will be different as well.

5)    Tinuka ako ng Ahas?

        A snake can bit you because it doesn't have beak. In Tagalog Bit and Bite are the same.

6)   May Tonsil ako?

      It's a shortcut of Tonsilities... its hard to say a long word because specially if you having problem of speaking so they shortcut it.

7)   Lowbat na ako!

      It's referring about his Phone, again its a shortcut.. instead of saying.. My Phone is Lowbat, they remove the other words to make it cute

8)   Tulog ka na?

     Its an idiot question but again its one way to show sweet words instead saying a formal word like 'Matutulog ka na ba?'  which is too long to say

9)   Pagbilan ng Payless yung Lucky Me!?

     Payless was famous instant-noodles in old times like in 70's. Due to its popularity, people called it Payless instead of saying long word like instant-noodles.

10)   Pwedeng Magtanong?

      It's the same in English, its sounds stupid if you ask a question for another question.

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