As a Marvel fan, I had watched the 2 remakes of The Hulk and finally the latest one in the Avengers. Looking at the Hulk CGI makes you wonder the what's the development of 3D in movie as time goes on. 

Eric Bana - The Hulk 

This first movie is a failure aside from having bad CGI, its cinematography is too way awful. No wonder the director didn't get any action movie job after the slump but in fairness I love his masterpiece "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". Eric Bana done a good job with his acting and I must say his the best Hulk actor and the only bad part is his CGI version.

way too far from Bana... not even close to any even its ears


they done a lot of steroid...

the most EMO Hulk ever created.. he's like in a wonderland dreaming for rainbows

Edward Norton - The Incredible Hulk

somehow has resemblance with Norton face with Tom Cruise hair style

He always brute and angry.. oohhh he's Hulk

Mark Ruffalo - The Avengers

exactly Mark Ruffalo facial.. 
they done a good job blowing up his looks into gigantic green monster

the best CGI version yet because he benefited the fruit of the latest technology

Somewhere in far away galaxy....
Yoda: my Son you are, Green Ogre sex I ...when young I was

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