Meet the Dogs that will save the world from bad aliens...

The birds united as the Earth Ultimate Heroes - The Avengry Birds (Angry Birds )

Your Sports Hero will save the Earth from Losing...
Lebron will not choke this one... (hope so)

somewhere in time they were called Backstreet Boys

wow... I love my red boots so much

Tony: do your underwear tear apart when you transformed into Hulk?
Burce : actually I don't wear ones

Me like Cookies... I smell cookies here.. come out - come out

where the hell is this place....
damn this Iphone Google Map, its a piece of crap..

see I told you.. this what will happen if you smash your hammer so much 
and then you blow your fart

I found the The Dark Knight script and it's all trash, 
we will surely get the #1 for this year... Justice League will be just a DC dream

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