If you are a foreigner and heard a pinoy saying "Tang ina pala nito eh....." but his smiling in pleasant way to you... you can start hitting him hard or kick his ass all over the place. "Putang Ina" litterally means in English is "Your Mother is a whore" or "Son of a Bitch" (censorship).. 

I'm not intended to say bad words but this is for the benefits of all clue less people who hearing this word everyday.

For Foreigners you can use this word in some situation like:

1. A salesman trying to rip off your item
2. A taxi driver asking too much payment or asking dollars for your bill
3. An immigrant officers in the airport asking for extra cash or gift
4. A waiter gave you a wrong order and trying to say that's what you ordered
5. A suspicious man offering a help to carry your luggage

 I agree, its good way to shows respect to those damn stupid people

Tang na Moo... a delicious orange flavored with Bitches Cow

A friendly reminders to those people who would like you cross a dangerous car way

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. i don't think Philippines has that pink sign board with "putang ina sige tumawid ka". most of what is posted here about the philippines is not true. clearly made up. im a filipina btw.


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