There's a "man" in the Philippines who did a tremendous surgeon procedures to be look alike his favorite superhero. This procedures includes chin augmentation, rhinoplasty, silicone injections to his lips, and thigh implants. The only thing he didn't able to copy is Masculinity of SuperMan and maybe the voice. I wonder if he voice like a big macho trembling voice or maybe its soft like Barbie. 

Some questions I listed:

1. If Superman weak point is the kryptonite , what could be for him?
2. What's he wearing underneath his outside underwear?
3. If a man and a girl in the face of danger and   he needs to save one at a time, which one he's gonna save first
4. Does he has x-ray vision? 
5. Is man sanity is endanger once this Superman became insane villain? Imagine this SuperMan will brutalize the man he likes.
6. What will be his famous quote.. " Look up in the Sky .. its a bird .. its a plane .. no its a Gay...! lets Run for your life guys!!!

Before and After ... the difference maybe he looks gayer before

His massive collection of his favorite toys... I wonder if he has Life Size Superman on hi bed.

Unfortunately we already have a Gay Superhero.. maybe the first to have.
I remember watching this on TV when I was a kid. Binibinig Tsuperman acted by Roderick Paulate during the 80', I think its better he copied this persona.. its cheaper than taking a pricey surgeon.

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